Call For Distributors

Spiio is offering various partner packages for our distributors and resellers.

We have a broad array of partners who all enjoy the benefits of offering our solution as part of their product offering:

  • Landscape and irrigation contractors
  • Irrigation and landscape suppliers
  • Nurseries and growers
  • Plant and tree suppliers
  • Living green wall manufacturers

Contact us and our sales team will reach out to you with more information.

Advancing Smart Irrigation

With a sturdy design, our sensor is built to last both outdoor and indoor for up to 9 years. Built for professionals through years of collaboration with our partners in the industry.

We Measure


Ambient Temperature

Soil Moisture


Reseller Opportunity

List price $349.00/sensor incl. the first year of network service*

Reseller discount according to your commitment.

Minimum Batch Size: Contact us for our partner tier levels.

*End-customers subscribe to additional years of network services directly through Spiio’s App

Technical Specifications


Soil moisture, temperature, and Salinity (EC), light (Footcandle/Lux)

Controller integrations



Cellular - 3G


Up to 9 years

Measuring dept

Up to 2 ft (50 cm) below ground

Max or min temperatures

170-0°F (75°C to -20°C)