Lawn and Landscape Product Video Showcase is Featuring Spiio

Lawn and Landscape Product Video Showcase – October 2018 edition – is featuring Spiio’s wireless soil moisture sensor.

Watch this short video where Spiio's sensor is presented by Lawn and Landscape Video Product Showcase

We are proud to be this month’s Lawn and Landscape Product Video Showcase. Our wireless sensor is designed for irrigation professionals that are often focussed on lawn, turf and landscape irrigation. Lawn and Landscape have the largest following of landscape contractors in the united states. It’s important to showcase Spiio to this Lawn and Lawnscape audience with our this product video showcase.

One great way to showcase the Spiio sensor is by the use of Lawn and Landscape Product Video Showcase like this. Moreover, we have other product video showcases as this FAQ video that we did in August 2018. In this video showcase, we go through several details about our the Spiio sensor – the SP-110. One element that is important in a product video showcase is the visualization of how Spiio’s wireless soil moisture sensor is installed. We will follow up with more video showcases of how to install the Spiio sensor on our website.

In Spiio, we believe that industry publications like Lawn and Landscape Product Video Showcase are key in spreading the word about new innovation related to wireless soil moisture sensors and smart irrigation. Spiio is a firm believer in using a product video showcase in order to demonstrate the value of our own wireless sensor – the SP-110.

On this page, we have another product video showcase by Joe Zazzera is explaining about how he is using Spiio wireless sensor to remotely monitor and control his smart irrigation system.

We will continue to develop new product video showcase for you to subscribe to. One way of staying on top of some of the video showcases that we are producing would be to subscribe to our Spiio youtube channel here. We hope to be back for more videos with Lawn and Landscape Product Video Showcase in the future.