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  Spiio’s 2nd Generation Sensor: SP-110

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Sensor Specifications:

  1. Sensors: Soil Moisture, Temperature, Light and Nutrients
  2. Connectivity: Worldwide Cellular (3G+2G). Check our coverage here
  3. Battery lifetime: 5-6  years with standard usage
  4. Certifications: FCC, CE, CCC, RoHS
  5. Warranty: 1 year limited
  6. IP Grade: IP-68
  7. Model: SP-110

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Soil Moisture Sensor FAQ

Watch this 2-minute FAQ video by Chris Thorup, co-founder of Spiio, where we also briefly show how the SP-110 is turned on and installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


  • How does SP-110 connect?

    It connects like your cell phone through cellular 3G/4G network providers. The SP-110 will automatically find the strongest network provider in your area and use their network to transmit data. Check if we cover your country here.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The SP-110 holds battery for an average of 5 years.

  • How often does the SP-110 send data?

    The SP-110 is sampling data every hour and transmitting it to you every fifth hour. We can change the sending frequency depending on your preferences but note that it impacts the battery lifetime – positively or negatively.

  • Will the SP-110 be damaged by rocks and gravel?

    It can take some hits, but it varies from case to case. We have protected the sensor probe as much as we can so it can withstand scratches without damaging the soil moisture sensor.

How can the SP-110 be used?


  • Can I dig SP-110 below ground?

    Yes. The SP-110 can be dug 2 feet down in areas with medium to excellent cellular coverage – which includes most urban areas.

  • Can I use the SP-110 for turf?

    Yes. It works well for turf. Dig it down just below grade - not to run it over by any movers.

  • Can I use the SP-110 for trees?

    Yes. Since you can dig it 2 feet below ground, we even recommend placing the SP-110 in different rootball depths for expensive heritage trees etc.

  • Which grow medium/substrates does the SP-110 work with?

    The SP-110 works in:

    1. Various soil substrates with different organic and inorganic compositions
    2. Rockwool based hydroponic growing

    We can even optimize our data readings for your unique substrate. Contact sales for more information.

  • Can I move the SP-110 once it is installed?

    Yes. Simply create a new project in the app and then reassign the device to the new installation/location. Note that Spiio recommends that you let the SP-110 stay in the same site for years as historical data is important when forecasting future needs.



  • How much does Sp-110 cost?

    Our list price is $249.00/sensor including 1 year of network services. To keep your SP-110 active you subscribe to additional years for $48.00/sensor/year through our app.

  • What is included in the list price?
    1. Unlimited data access at
    2. Customizable moisture and temperature threshold levels
    3. Unlimited alerts and notifications on your work e-mail
    4. Integrations to smart controllers/sprinklers
  • What does the network service fee cover?

    The annual $48.00/sensor fee covers Spiio’s app, data storage and network fee for cellular data transmission.

  • Are there any optional additional costs?

    Yes, but they are optional. We offer end-client data reporting services and advanced smart controller integration packages etc. Ask our sales team for more information.

Smart Controller Integrations


  • How does the SP-110 integrate with my smart controller?

    We integrate through public API keys that we will help you set up when you make your first project in our Spiio App. We have made a simple video tutorial in order to help you. It’s surprisingly easy.

How does SP-110 connect?


  • Does the SP-110 send data to a basestation or micro controller?

    No. Each sensor connects directly to the cloud through a cellular 3G connection. Just like your cell phone.

  • How does SP-110 connect to my smart controller?

    The SP-110 sends data directly to the cloud. In the cloud, we process your data and instruct the smart controller to open different valves. Read other question about how to set up smart controller integrations.

  • Which platform does the SP-110 communicate with?

    The SP-110 communicates with our Spiio cloud platform where we analyze and visualize the data for you.

How to access your data?


  • How do I view my data from my Spiio sensors?

    All data is available through our browser app found at

    You can access your data through any web browser.

Signing Up/Log In


  • Where do I log in?

    Sign up and log in at

  • How do I create my first project?

    Go to and sign up. In the app you then find the tab --> Create Project

Notifications & Alerts


  • How am I notified/alerted by Spiio?

    Your account will be linked to your work e-mail. It is very important that you keep all your contact information updated, so we send the notifications to the right inbox.

  • Can I set individual moisture thresholds for each irrigation zone?

    Yes, you can customize your notifications as you see fit. You can even build and tag customized messages to specific colleagues/employees based on specific data triggers.

  • Will my co-workers get notified to?

    Yes, you can add co-workers to specific projects so the right technician gets the right message at the right time.