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Secure your discounted pre-order by placing order before July 31st. You will be contacted before delivery with more information. Expected delivery is Autumn 2018.

Sensor Specifications:

  1. Sensors: Soil Moisture, Temperature, Light and Nutrients
  2. IP Grade: IP-69K
  3. Connectivity: Worldwide Cellular (3G+2G)
  4. Battery lifetime: 5 years with standard usage
  5. Model: SP-110
  6. Warranty: 1 year
  7. Certifications: FCC, CE, CCC, RoHS

"The ones that have technology integrated into the system are the ones that will be successful. So my advice would be: get onboard.” – Joe Zazzera

20% Discounted Pre-order

$199per sensor (retail price is $249)
  • This price includes the 1st year of network services ($48/sensor/year)

Yearly network service renewal

$48per sensor/year
  • $48 will be due 12 months from activation of your Spiio sensor.

You will be contacted about two weeks before delivery with more information about the exact delivery date. Expected delivery is Autumn 2018.

If your country is on the list below, we guarantee that the Spiio sensor will connect with a network provider in your country.

Spiio will send you a Spiio app sign-up link to the email that you use below.

This purchase includes:

  • Unlimited access to data through
  • Unlimited e-mail notifications
  • Customizable data threshold levels
  • Unlimited internal communication and picture upload
  • Includes SIM subscription with 1st year of network service already paid
  • Free registration of 100 users in the Spiio app