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Stay in control of all your irrigation zones

Keep the complete overview of all your greens

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Irrigation Integration

Integrate with your controller

Spiio’s sensors and our app integrate with cloud-connected irrigation controllers on the market. Contact us to explore the opportunities.

Take actions from anywhere

Let’s help you dial in your watering remotely from season to season. Water each zone precisely what it needs and avoid under- or overwatering.

Make your operations data-driven like Joe.

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A simple communication feed

Follow your projects through a facebook-like feed. Our mobile app is making it easy for you to take action. Monitor operations and share and insights and progress in your team.

Notifications on-the-go

Receive timely alerts and make decisions when you are on-the-go. Rest assured that we will alert you if anything needs your attention.

More info about our soil moisture sensor?

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Soil moisture sensor by Spiio

Be inspired on how Joe Zazzera is using Spiio's soil moisture sensor in combination with one of our smart controller integrations.

We now monitor the soil moisture levels in each zone of a project everyday, primarily because of the costs savings it provides. – Joe Zazzera