Irrigation system consisting of wireless sensor, app and integration with your smart irrigation controller

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“By having data at our fingertips, we can quickly make watering decisions from anywhere.”

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Based in Palo Alto, CA, Spiio’s mission is to help the Green Industry increase productivity and sustainability by providing actionable field data.

With international clients across four continents, we value our close relationship with partners and distributors. Reach out and connect with us.

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Build Integrations with your Smart Controllers

Sync and integrate your irrigation system with Spiio’s soil moisture sensor in less than 5 minutes. We aim to make is as smooth as possible to connect and maintain multiple portfolios of landscape projects with Spiio.  Learn how to use Spiio with your smart sprinkler controller.

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Spiio technician building an Irrigation system. Holding a wireless soil moisture sensor in left hand and smartphone with Spiio's app in right hand waiting to install Spiio's system.

Our wireless sensors are built for your tree watering.