Easy Soil Moisture Sensor Overview

Place our soil moisture sensor in each zone – as you see fit. Integrate and sync this placement with the irrigation zones in your smart controller.

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…currently monitoring 10K plants with our soil moisture sensor.

A sensor in each zone is all you need…

…to take every decision remotely

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A Soil Moisture Sensor Designed for Irrigation Professionals Like You

With a sturdy design, the SP-110 is built to last both outdoor and indoor for an average of 6 years. The device contains the most necessary sensors, so you can stay on top of your landscape and irrigation performance.


Ambient Temperature

Soil Moisture


We have made it easy for irrigation and landscape contractors to get started with our soil moisture sensor.

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Multiple Use Cases

Flexibility in the installation allows you to install our soil moisture sensor no matter where you are. Add it to any irrigation setup across many different types of projects.

SP-110: Soil Moisture Sensor Specification


Temperature, light (FC/Lux) and salinity (EC) and soil moisture sensor.


Average of 5 years with standard usage

Measuring depth

Up to 2 ft (50cm) below ground

Max or min temperatures

-4 to 170°F (75°C to -20°C)

Smart controller integrations


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Soil Moisture Sensor FAQ

Watch this 2-minute video by Chris Thorup, co-founder of Spiio, where we also briefly show how the SP-110 is turned on and installed.

  • How does SP-110 connect?

    It connects like your cell phone through cellular 3G/4G network providers. The SP-110 will automatically find the strongest network provider in your area and use their network to transmit data. Check if we cover your country here.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The SP-110 holds battery for an average of 5 years.

  • How often does the SP-110 send data?

    The SP-110 is sampling data every hour and transmitting it to you every fifth hour. We can change the sending frequency depending on your preferences but note that it impacts the battery lifetime – positively or negatively.

  • Will the SP-110 be damaged by rocks and gravel?

    It can take some hits, but it varies from case to case. We have protected the sensor probe as much as we can so it can withstand scratches without damaging the soil moisture sensor.

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