Agronomy Business Exhibitions Product Release Notes

Spiio announces major new analytics release for it’s soil sensor platform

The new Spiio release offers a range of new tools to analyze your data.

  • Data Explorer: A flexible research tool for superintendents.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Helps keeping track of strategic goals and makes reporting easier than ever.
  • Google API Plugin: A Google sheets Integration to directly export data into google sheets and combine it with other data.
  • Time-series heat maps: Visualize data over time and reach excellence in turf monitoring
  • API: Integrate your Spiio data with anything 

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New Mobile Release: Now you can access all your Spiio data from your mobile phone

Monitor your soil conditions while you are in the field and compare the data with your observations. Be sure that conditions are optimal even when you are not on site. Bring the knowledge with you.

Navigate with our mobile app from a full overview of your golf course to a detailed time-line chart of a critical spot.

Every feature on our app is available to you, no matter what device you are using. You can find the Spiio Live app on the AppStore and on the PlayStore. 

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