In everything we do,
we believe in the next
green revolution.

We urge to accelerate the next green revolution by taking advantage
of the newest technology to spread and aid greenery everywhere.
That’s why our service allow horticulture professionals all over the world
to make data-driven decisions and retain full control of millions of plants.

Understanding living
green wall performance
using data analytics

Share knowledge and progress

Build a unique online communication channel for your plant care
professionals to use. Get new data metrics on the operational
margins and plant replacement rates of each green wall.

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Make proactive irrigation decisions

Get full digital remote overview of the irrigation development across
different sections and zones. Make data-based irrigation decision
from month to month with unprecedented precision.

Free up monthly service time

With our monitoring services you eliminate the excess visits and
time spent on ensuring the irrigation performance of your walls.
This means more time for caring about the little green details.

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Rest assured that our analytics will catch any Issue

Avoid the consequences of a pump failure or a clogged pipeline again.
Our software alerts you if moisture is critically dropping, if temperatures
drop below a certain threshold or if lights don’t turn on/off.

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Subscribe per square feet/meter

We believe in continuous learning and improvements. By choosing us,
you’ll never end up with obsoletehardware. Only valuable data.
Subscribe to our service. We take care of the rest.

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