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Access all your data from anywhere

Spiio data is always available via our easy to navigate dashboard.

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Stay one step ahead

Navigate your entire golf course and compare greens, fairways and tees. We have made it easy for you to keep the overview with a few clicks. Wake up every morning one step ahead.

Build notification thresholds
Customize when you want data
Download your data on demand
// Overview

Monitor your golf course conditions at-a-glance

These sensors collect soil moisture, temperature, salinity, and light metrics each hour, and then stream that data to the cloud platform via cellular networks.  

// soil moisture

Deeper insights -
daily, weekly and monthly

Spiio provides the most thorough and detailed hour-by-hour moisture data – even season over season. Track wet or dry reference points in all your greens and fairways and start your mornings with fresh data from the ground. 

// salinity

Track how salts
accumulate and flush

If you are using reclaimed water, you probably already know how important it is to be keeping an eye on your salinity levels. Spiio data allows you to detect how salts flush through your soil profile when you’re deep watering. 

// thresholds

Set your own thresholds

Users can build irrigation profiles to optimize the settings for different soil and grass types – as well as seasonal requirements – and notifications are available to provide the right information at the right time. 

// Notifications

Push notifications and alerts

Spiio enables users to receive push notifications and alerts to take those recommended data-driven actions

// In-ground Data

Eyes in the ground;
check your soil moisture anywhere

// App services

We are constantly
building new services

Unlimited users

Invite as many as you want to follow your data: your crew, consultants, and co-workers in the industry.

Customize data pulling

You decide when you want your Spiio's to transmit data. Spiio recommends data five times a day.

Unlimited storage

Your data is stored from season to season to allow you to compare last year's data set with the current.

Compare projects

Navigate in Spiio's map and compare data from greens and fairways all over your golf course

Unlimited alerts

Set and adjust an notifications that allow you to get the right information when you need it.

Hourly data sampling

Our Spiio samples data every hour as a default. If you want a different sampling rate then just let us know.

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