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    Emilia Clarke
    Tim Huber
    CGCS, Director of Agronomy
    The Club at Carlton Woods
    "I was drawn to Spiio sensors early on because of the numerous application option they can be used for around the golf courses and clubhouse grounds. We now have 20 Sensors that we primarily use to track soil temperatures and soil moisture. We have also found them very useful logging light data in sunny and shaded areas to help us illustrate variable in turf quality. They are reliable, accurate, and require minimal time to install or move."
    Emilia Clarke
    Tim Zevotek
    CGCS, Director of Agronomy
    Roaring Fork Club
    "Spiio has turned out to be a game-changer on the course. With multiple microclimates throughout our property it has given us the ability to track soil temperatures for specific application timing such as seed-head suppression. The ability to see significant data such as temperature, moisture, and salinity gives us immediate insight on what is happening below the surface. The light sensor has also given us the data needed to remove problem shade areas around our putting surfaces."
    Kyle McClintick
    Director of Agronomy
    Calabasas Country Club
    "Spiio has been a great tool for our team for maintaining overall turf-grass health. It has giving us the versatility to check on soil moisture and salinity levels from anywhere. To ensure the best turf health and playing conditions when using reclaimed water, it is crucial we maintain proper moisture management."
    Martin Brummel
    Grounds Manager
    "Spiio's added value to monitor online 24/7 with wireless sensors the moisture balance and temperature curve in the soil profile of the pitches"