// Accessible, convenient, easy to use

Access all your data from your mobile phone

Spiio data is always available via our easy to navigate mobile app for iOS and Android. 

// From the full overview to the details

Check your soil conditions on the go

Monitor your soil conditions while you are in the field and compare the data with your observations. Be sure that conditions are optimal even when you are not on site. Bring the knowledge with you. Navigate with our mobile app from a full overview of your golf course to a detailed time-line chart of a critical spot.

Every feature on our app is available to you, no matter what device you are using. You can find the Spiio Live app on the AppStore and on the PlayStore. 

Manage your Spiio devices and keep control
Get notified about critical moisture levels
Bring your in-ground data with you
// Overview

Map Overview just a fingerprint away

Track moisture, salinity and temperature from wherever you are. Get the complete overview and get notified if anything is out of the ordinary. Zoom in to every spot on the map and discover historical trends in your data.

// views

Readings List View

The List View offers a fast and easy comparison between moisture, salinity, and temperature levels between your installation spots.

// data

Small device, big feature list

Access nearly all features that you know from the dashboard from the phone as well. Invite users, set thresholds and change the reading times of your Spiios on the go. 

// Installation Support


Get guided through the installation process. Spiio device handling is as easy as it can get. Keep full control of your installations. Pin-point the installation spots and add pictures and notes. 

// In-ground Data

Eyes in the ground;
check your soil moisture anywhere

// App services

We are constantly
building new services

Unlimited users

Invite as many as you want to follow your data: your crew, consultants, and co-workers in the industry.

Customize data pulling

You devide when you want your Spiio's to transmit data. Spiio recommends data five times a day.

Unlimited storage

Your data is stored from season to season to allow you to compare last year's data set with the current.

Compare projects

Navigate in Spiio's map and compare data from greens and fairways all over your golf course

Unlimited alerts

Set and adjust an notifications that allow you to get the right information when you need it.

Hourly data sampling

Our Spiio samples data every hour as a default. If you want a different sampling rate then just let us know.

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Need a demo?

Second thoughts about your critical levels? Go into the Spiio Live app to create or change the thresholds that warn you if things are getting out of control. Customize how you want to get alerted if anything goes wrong.