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// Tips & tricks 1

Install your Spiios
in the same depth

As a first rule of thumb, we always recommend that you install your Spiios in the middle of your rootzone for both greens, tees and fairways.

The Spiio is two inches wide and the soil moisture probe starts about half an inch below the top of the Spiio. Practically, this means that if you want data from, say, a two inch depth, then you need to install your Spiio one inch below the turf thatch.

// Tips & tricks 2

Prepare your
cup cutter

We recommend that you mark your desired depth on your cup cutter with tape for consistency. This is especially important if you are installing multiple Spiios in one day. A consistent depth between your Spiios allow you to better compare data between different areas on your golf course.

// Tips & tricks 3

Cut your cups about
one inch apart

Cut two cups approx. one inch apart forming a bridge between the two cups. Using a knife or an ice pick, you can break the bridge of sand under the one inch gap.

Collect the excess sand on a towel or in a bucket for backfilling.

// Tips & tricks 4

Insert your
Spiio horizontally

Insert you Spiio from right to left as seen in picture. Insert pointy part of the Spiio fully in soil leaving one cup with no Spiio in it for easier backfilling. Make sure soil is compacted around the probe.

// Tips & tricks 5

Insert you Spiio
firmly and compacted

Correct sensor insertion is the most important thing when it comes to installing your Spiio.

Make sure that the soil are firmly placed up against the faceplate of the sensor (shiny surface with two metal rivets on).

Compact soil around and under the sensor if needed. Wet the area with water as you backfill the plugs.

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