// A new level of remote control

Know how your living walls
are doing between visits

Spiio protects your living gren walls by broadcasting live data from your walls everyday. Rest assure that we will alert you if moisture levels drop to a critical level, if temperatures drops or if artificial lights are not turned on/off.

// Sp-110 wireless sensor

Install your Spiio sensor
in just a few minutes

Your Spiio is compatible with many different systems. It only requires cellphone service to connect it. Batteries last for 5+ years for standard living green wall usage and comes with a full lifetime warranty. Learn more here.

// Our data will have your back

Access your Spiio data
from anywhere

Once your Spiio is placed on your living green wall, you will receive alerts and notifications on either your smartphone or desktop computer. Analyze and compare projects and dig a step deeper into dialing in your irrigation.

// Miami Vertical Garden

Peace of mind for you
and your clients

"We have been closely working with Chris Thorup on implementing the Spiio technology in our very specialized irrigation application, such as irrigation in the hydroponic-based living wall systems since February 2019.  Our positive experience and outcome of this cooperation are evidenced by us utilizing all benefits of the technology giving us and our clients peace of mind."
Irina Kim Sang
Managing Partner, Miami Vertical Garden
// Eyes on your walls around the clock

Peace of mind with four essential alerts

Moisture Alerts

Alerts you when moisture levels hits a customized preset threshold.

Light Alerts

Get alerted when lights are not turned off or on remotely.

Salinity Alerts

Monitor salinity levels (EC) on your walls and ensure proper fertilization.

Temperature Alerts

Document if your interior living green walls are too cold.

// Plant Solutions, Scottsdale, AZ

"With Spiio we always have data at our fingertips."

Joe Zazzera, Biophilic Designer

Watch why Joe is using SPiio
// Creaplant, Switzerland

"All our projects have one thing in common: they are reliably monitored by a Spiio sensor.”

Michel Aebi, CEO & Founder

hours saved

Spend more time on pruning and grooming by reducing time spent on dialing your irrigation with precision.

inspections saved

With eyes on your living green wall at any giving time, you are able to make decisions in between scheduled maintenance visits.

// Place spiio on any green wall system

Compatible with most
systems on the market

Whether you are working with a mix of  tray, panel, cassette or hydroponic felt systems, Spiio can be used in a variety of ways across different types of living green wall systems. Contact us and we will tell your more.

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// Ensure your green walls success

Get notified on-the-go
and make key decision faster

// Getting started

Book a meeting with us
for an in-depth introduction to Spiio

Prices starting at

$ 300.00/year

based on two year average contract
  • 24/7 Customized Alerts
  • Personal Service and Support
  • Full Lifetime Warranty
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