Sensors in the Field

Airbnb’s HQ in San Francisco with Ambius

…currently monitoring 10K plants

A sensor in each zone is all you need…

…to take every decision remotely

Sensors say it’s time to water.Should we do it for you?

Designed for plantprofessionals like you

With a sturdy design, our sensor is built to last both outdoor and indoor for up to 9 years. The device contains the most necessary sensors, so you can stay on top of your plant projects’ performance.


Ambient Temperature

Soil Moisture


Technical Specifications


Soil moisture, temperature, light (Lux) and nutrients (EC)

Controller integrations

Rachio, Hunter HC2


Cellular - 3G/4G


Up to 9 years

Measuring dept

Up to 3 ft (1m) below ground

Max or min temperatures

170-0°F (75°C to -20°C)

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